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Painted Coil

Painted coil is one of the fastest growing segments of the steel industry today and with good reason! Faster production speeds, reduced labor costs, environmental safety, and superior product quality are just a few of the benefits provided by pre-painted steel coil. The pre-coat factory process is temperature-controlled, color-consistent, and fast, yielding reduced project time and cost savings to the manufacturer and builder. Click here to find more details on popular paint systems. 100% of our painted and coated coil supply is tension-leveled and temper-passed, helping to guarantee the highest quality painted coil flatness and finished surface condition.

PMP supplies painted coil to a wide range of product applications in the construction and construction-related industries, including; residential and commercial roofing, metal building components, insulated building panels, residential garage and entry doors, commercial roll-up doors, residential screen door, lighting fixture, and home appliance. If your application calls for world-class quality, critical forming, tight tolerances, and consistent order-to-order color, PMP has the right combination of top-class mill and paint suppliers to handle all of your product requirements.

PMP offers a 40-year silicon modified polyester + Cool Roof paint system as our industry standard product line, intended for residential, agricultural, and commercial applications. The two-coat SMP system offers 40-year extended warranty protection, with improved ceramic pigment color retention, excellent abrasion and stain resistance, and Cool Roof paint technology for improved thermal efficiency. Available paint systems, include; Regular Polyester, Silicon-Polyester (40-yr + Cool Roof), PVDF (Kynar®), Abrasion-resistant SMP, High-workable (DQ), 1.0 MIL – 2 side film, Printed painted patterns, Embossed (leather, stucco, wood-grain), and Special films (Home Appliances).

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Metallic Coated Coil

Continuous hot dipping or electro-galvanizing are the two production processes used to produce galvalume®, galvanized, aluminized, and electro-galvanized coil, all of which are metallic coated steels primarily offering improved corrosion and or heat resistance. The hot-dip process consists of passing the steel through a bath of molten zinc. The electro-galvanizing process consists of the application of a thin zinc surface coating by electrolytic disposition. The result is a thin layer of zinc, tightly adhered to the base metal through a bond of iron-zinc layers.


Galvalume (ASTM-A792) is a cold rolled sheet substrate, coated with an aluminum-zinc alloy of 55% aluminum, 1.6% silicon, and 43.4% zinc. Galvalume coil combines the properties of aluminum's corrosion resistance, with the "galvanic behavior" of zinc and galvanized coil. Other trade names for galvalume: Zincalume, Aluzinc, Acrylume, and Galvalume Plus. Galvalume surface treatments include: Acrylic, Chromate, Anti-finger Print, Non-Chromate (RoHS, No Cr+6, No Cr+3), Phosphate, and Oiled. A 20-year product warranty is available.


Galvanized (ASTM-A653) sheet is defined as a carbon steel sheet, coated with zinc of varying coating weights on both sides. The hot-dip process consists of passing the steel through a bath of molten zinc. The zinc not only serves as a barrier between the steel and the environment, it will sacrifice itself to protect the underlying steel sheet.


Aluminized (ASTM-A463) is an aluminum-zinc alloy coated sheet, used for heat-resistant or corrosion-resistant application, such as residential fireplaces and automotive heat shields.


Electro-galvanizing (ASTM-A879) is a process whereby a zinc coating is applied by the electrolytic disposition method. The result is a thin layer of zinc, tightly adhering to the base metal through an iron-zinc bonding, an excellent and uniform surface for post-paint and paint line uses. Add Phosphate treatment for improved paint adhesion.